The University's Purpose and Values


The University of Wales exists to serve Wales and its people. It does so by:

The University of Wales exists to serve Wales and its people. It does so by:
  • working energetically to maintain the University of Wales degree and the University of Wales brand as global exemplars of excellence and quality
  • thereby, supporting and promoting Welsh Higher Education(HE) and contributing positively and significantly to the brand image and brand value of Welsh HE and of Wales as a whole
  • in collaboration and in partnership with other Welsh university institutions and with others in Wales, supporting and facilitating strategic initiatives in Welsh higher education
  • interacting with the rest of the world, through collaborative academic provision and through other intellectual and cultural linkages and partnerships - taking the best of Wales to the world and bringing the best of the world to Wales
  • acting as a catalyst for, and promoting opportunity in, innovation, research and the economy
  • using its position at the heart of the nation’s academic, intellectual and cultural life to develop, support and promote initiatives in these fields; and
  • in all of these activities, building upon its past and present successes to establish a sustainable institution that enriches the national life of Wales.


The University of Wales seeks to realise its purpose whilst maintaining core values which are that:

  • the good of Wales is at the heart of everything it does
  • it is proud of delivering excellence and quality
  • it respects others so that all can give their best 
  • it has adopted sustainable development as a central organising principle for its activities
  • it constantly reflects, reviews, refreshes and innovates to remain relevant
  • it is honest, independent and impartial, open and collaborative - trust is the