Vice-Chancellor's Statement to Students and Alumni

The University has decided to merge with the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David and Swansea Metropolitan University.  This merger will take place under the 1828 Royal Charter of the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David rather than under the 1893 University of Wales Charter. This is a historic decision and offers the transformed University the opportunity to continue to serve higher education both within a Welsh and international context. 

New Students
If you have been offered a place on a University of Wales course you will be treated in the same way as all current and past students, and if successful you will exit with a University of Wales award.

Current students
For all students currently enrolled and studying towards a University of Wales award, the University of Wales will remain the degree awarding body for the duration of their studies. Students will continue to study the same course in their respective institutions, and on successful completion will be awarded a degree certificate bearing “The University of Wales” as the degree awarding body.

If you are studying in an institution in Wales, please refer to your institution's registry for further advice.

Graduates will still retain the University of Wales award they received upon graduation and will continue to be valued members of the University of Wales Alumni Association.

There are thousands of alumni around the world who hold a University of Wales degree. The University of Wales degree and the University of Wales name have a strong legacy and are widely recognised and highly regarded by employers worldwide. The value of this will not change.

Students and Alumni can view a list of Frequently Asked Questions put together specifically to help answer any concerns students may still have regarding these changes. We understand the value and importance of our students and alumni and as consistently stated, will honour our commitments to all students currently enrolled on University of Wales awards.

Professor Medwin Hughes

Prof Medwin HughesProfessor Medwin Hughes


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