Confirmation of Award Requests

Information for Students

Whether you are a current or former University of Wales student, you may at some point in your career require Confirmation of your Award (sometimes referred to as a Verification) in order to authenticate your qualification/period of study with an external third party such as a prospective employer, screening agency or Higher Education provider.

Should you require a Confirmation of Award to be issued via email then you will need to download the ‘Confirmation of Award Consent Form’ and email it back to the Registry Helpdesk: This service is free of charge.

The Confirmation of Award Consent form is available to download from here.

Should you require a Confirmation of Award to be issued via hard copy (on official University of Wales headed paper) then you will need to visit the University of Wales online shop and follow the relevant online instructions. There is a charge of £15 for the first copy and £5 per additional copy.    

Confirmation of Awards issued via email or hard-copy will confirm the following information (where applicable) in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998:

• Full Student Name (during time of study)
• Date of Birth
• University Student Number  or HESA_ID (13 Digits long)
• Programme of Study / Title of Course
• Awarding Body of Qualification
• Teaching Institution/Campus where study took place
• Award Attained
• Classification of Award
• Date Admitted to Award
• Any other information (where applicable)

information for Third-Parties

Please email your Confirmation of Award queries to the Registry Helpdesk -

Alternatively, if you have a copy of the students certificate at hand (for certificates issued after 1st November 2007) then you can use our free Online Certificate Verification System which will confirm the validity of the qualification.

Please note that the University of Wales will only be able to deal with a third party request if it is accompanied by the student’s written consent.

General Information for Students and Third-Parties

We will aim to respond to your request within 5 working days of receipt. Please be mindful that this process can take longer if we need to query requests where data is incomplete, the data does not match our student records or if the student graduated before 1983 (predates our computerised records).

As the Awarding Body, please be aware that we cannot provide personal (character) references for current and former students. Such requests should be directed to the Teaching Body/Institution where they previously studied.

Please also be aware that we do not provide any information to non-corporate email addresses.

Further Information

Notarised Copies of Awards
Notaries are qualified lawyers and primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures and documents for use abroad. For further information within the UK, please see the Notary Society:

The Hague Apostille
This is an apostille service simplifying the legalization of UK documents for international use. For further information, please visit:

Contact Us

Should you have any queries regarding the Confirmation of Awards process, then please email: or write to us at: The University of Wales, The University Registry, King Edward VII Avenue, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NS.