Student Personal Information

Student Information Received

Prior to their registration, the University may receive and process information from some students concerning the process of matriculation in the University. This is a process where students are required to demonstrate certain prior qualifications.

The University receives and processes personal information about students following schemes of study leading to one or more of its awards from the Institution at which the student is studying. This information is collected for registration and examination purposes and normally comprises an electronic transfer of data. The University relies on its Institutions to establish the accuracy of the information but processes are in place to correct inaccuracies when they are identified.

The University also receives and processes information directly from students and from persons requested by them to provide information in some circumstances. For instance, a student may request a medical report be sent in support of an appeal.

Information may be provided by members of staff of an Institution concerning examination or assessment or in relation to a student’s own request for special variations where permitted by University Regulations or Standing Orders. Other information may be passed to the University in the case of appeals or requests for aegrotat award or similar standard processes.

Student Information Disclosures

The University will disclose to a student’s Institution any information necessary for normal administration arising from their being registered for an award of the University.

The University normally places details of the qualifications obtained by students in pursuit of its awards into the public domain. This means that the University will, on request and without further reference to the student concerned, provide information stating whether or not a particular student has obtained a specific award from the University.

Persons wishing to request that their qualifications be withheld from disclosure in these circumstances should contact the University’s Data Protection Officer by writing to

The Data Protection Officer 
The University of Wales
University Registry
King Edward VII Avenue

Telephone: (029) 2037 6999
Fax: (029) 2037 6980

The University may also disclose personal information when it considers it to be in the best interests of the person concerned, or to a third-party where life and death issues are involved, and at other times as permitted by the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Unversity may also refuse to disclose personal information where the Act provides for an exemption to the requirement to make a disclosure but may exercise its discretion in these matters.

Transfers of Personal Data Overseas

The transfer of data beyond the territories of the European Economic Area takes place between the University and its collaborative centres. The transfer takes place in performance of a contract between the University and the Institution concerned. Registration for a scheme of study leading to an award of the University requires that a student consent to such transfers taking place.