Data Subject Access Request

Subject Access Requests must be made to the Data Protection Officer in writing. You are invited to use our standard form for this purpose, but you do not have to; an ordinary letter will do.

Please note the following:

•  Normally, you may make the request only about personal data
    held by the University of Wales that is about you . If you need to
    make a request about someone else’s data, you must provide their
    written, signed consent.

•  The University will require you to establish your identity. There is
    no fixed way of doing this but you may be asked to provide some
    corroborating personal information or some further
    documentation such as a passport.

•  Information will not be released over the telephone.

•  The Act allows for the information to be withheld in certain
    circumstances. Where the University decides to withhold
    information, you will be informed in writing as to why this has
    happened. You may query that decision by contacting the
    University’s Data Protection Officer at the address given below.

•  The Act allows for a fee to be charged for fulfilling a Subject
    Access Request and the University’s fee for this service is £10.
    A personal cheque made out to The University of Wales should be
    sent with any request.

The Data Protection Officer
The University of Wales
University Registry
King Edward VII Avenue
CF10 3NS