Staff FAQs


Check the following document on how to format the data correctly.

This document will show how to correctly upload the data via the MyWales portal

If you are sure you have followed all the steps in the help documentation, and your upload has failed three times, then email with the full error messages you received, a screenshot will suffice, and a copy of the spreadsheet you are trying to upload.


Please confirm that email address supplied is correct

Have the Students checked their Spam mailbox?

Have the Students changed their email address since registering at the Institute?

In the first instance view the following document on guidelines of how to successfully upload a file.

If any errors do occur please make a copy of them so they can be used in resolving the error and forward a copy of them to the Support Team 

For a more in depth guide of how to confirm and check the upload see this step by step guide.

For list of Common Error Codes and explanations please see this document.


If you know your email address that you registered with you can use the Password Recovery page. This will send your password to the email address held on the system.

If you are not sure what your email was when you registered then you would need to speak to the Institution you are studying at and they will be able to provide you with the information.




Has a Staff Transfer List been submitted to the University of Wales?

If a current user has Administrator rights they can add the new staff member to the database.



If you have access to MyWales then login with the details provided, go into the Profile page and choose the Settings menu. Change your Nickname to whatever you wish it be seen as.

If you cannot access the site for any reason please check the other FAQs as you may find the answer in ones of them.



Please see the following document


If you can access your MyWales account then in the profile section there is an option under edit profile to change your password.

If you cannot access the site, but your username is correct you can recover your password from the Password Recovery Page this also explains how to change your password.

If you have forgotten or lost both the username and password then you would need to speak to your Institution and they will be able to get them either reset or resent to you.


Please ensure that the Username that is used is the one that was confirmed when you signed up for MyWALES and with your Institute.

If you have forgotten or lost your password, head to the Password Recovery Page, enter your Username and the password will be emailed to you.

During first log in you will have been requested to choose a Google username and asked as to whether you wanted to use this username as your log in, if you chose this option you would have received an email confirming your details.

If you are still unable to find your username then contact your Institution and they will be able to recover it for you.


If the student has their log in details for MyWales then they can change the MyWales contact email address via the profile page, this does not change the email address held on the main system, for that to be changed students need to have their respective Institutions request the change.

Go to the following page if you do not have your log in details.



You can enter personal details on your profile which other people will be able to see according to your privacy settings. These details can be created or changed on your Profile Page


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