Series : Project 4 :The Visual Culture of Wales Project - CD-ROM series

The Visual Culture of Wales: Medieval Vision (CD-ROM)

Jewel cover design for 'The Visual Culture of Wales: Medieval Vision' (CD-ROM)

Peter Lord
Published   2004
ISBN 0-7083-1879-7
Publisher  Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru / University of Wales Press
Price £30.00

This CD-ROM combines a variety of approaches designed to enable the user to appreciate and understand the imaging of the Welsh nation during the period extending from the collapse of Roman government in the fifth century to the Renaissance of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. It includes over 1,000 pictures and artefacts, which reveal the startling richness of imagery surviving in Wales from the Middle Ages. In combination with the CD-ROMs The Visual Culture of Wales: Industrial Society, and The Visual Culture of Wales: Imaging the Nation, this unparalleled resource is an essential companion for anyone interested in the visual inheritance of Wales.

  • 1,000 high quality images, most of which have been specially commissioned and published for the first time on this CD-ROM
  • interviews with historians, theologians, archaeologists and artists
  • maps, bibliography, glossary

Minimum Specifications:  

Windows™ 95/98, Pentium 166, 64Mb RAM, 12x CD-ROM, mouse, 16-bit VGA colour (at least), sound card with loudspeakers or headphones, QuickTime™ 3 or 4 (available on the CD-ROM); PowerMac™ 7.6.1 or later, other requirements as above. (On a fast machine the program can be run directly from the CD-ROM; on a less powerful system 90Mb of free space will be required on the hard disc.)

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