Andrew Brown

AndrewB Position: Research Student 
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Andrew Brown,
University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies,
National Library of Wales,
SY23 3HH


Andrew Brown began his Doctoral research at the Centre in October 2015 partially supported by a University of Wales scholarship. He will explore to what extent wrecking in Wales was more than a random opportunity seized on by the poor of otherwise law-abiding communities. Contemporary accounts identify groups of ‘habitual wreckers’; the study will review and analyse the historical evidence for these proto-gangs and a comparison with tales and ballads of the period will aim to establish what, if any, basis is there for their existence. The investigation will also consider the actions of those involved in a judicial system that was often ineffectual and whose representatives were potentially complicit with these wreckers.


Andrew gained a BA in History from the University of Wales Newport after retiring from Gwent Police having completed thirty years service.