Patterns, Monsters & Mysteries - Images from the edges of medieval art in Wales

Posted on 1 August 2014

Having been associated with the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (CAWCS) since 1999, Martin Crampin became one of the Centre's first research students in 2011. This followed his involvement in a series of research projects concerned with aspects of the history of visual culture in Wales.

As a practising artist, Martin sought to bring his skills and expertise together in a practice-based PhD concerned with medievalism, and in particular the way in which medieval visual culture has been interpreted visually by antiquarians, archaeologists, artists and designers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This work will culminate in Martin’s PhD exhibition at the Oriel Q - Queen’s Hall Gallery in Narberth.

Based on patterns and imagery from medieval decorative and architectural arts, interpreted as composite digital images, these images are made by digitally superimposing scanned drawings, paintings and rubbings with photographs. The sources for these images are patterns and images on ceramic tiles at the former Cistercian abbey at Strata Florida, patterns on the coving panels of the wooden rood screen at the church at Llananno, and stone grotesques from the exterior of the Church of All Saints, Gresford.

The exhibition will be opened by Len Massey, Head of Drawing at the Royal College of Art, on Saturday the 2nd of August at 2.00 pm, and runs until the 6th of September (Wednesday - Saturday).

With Martin researching stained glass in Wales for some time, an additional exhibition at the gallery marks the publication of Martin’s new book, Stained Glass from Welsh Churches, with a series of photographs of stained glass from around Wales.

For more information about the exhibition and Martin’s research, please visit his website -


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