The History of Wales

Posted on 19 December 2014
History of Wales

Published in November, the University of Wales Press are pleased to announce a new edition of the best-selling volume, The History of Wales by John Graham Jones.

The only concise history of Wales currently available in print, it provides an engaging and broad overview of Welsh history from Pre-Norman Wales to the present day, reproduced with text panels that provide brief biographies of historical figures and descriptions of major historical sites in Wales.

From primitive Stone Age cave-dwellers who were the earliest recorded inhabitants of Wales, through settlement by the Celts before the Roman and Norman invasions, this book leads the reader through the age of the native Welsh princes that culminated with the eventual conquest of Wales by Edward I in 1282.

Later seminal themes include the passage of the so-called Union legislations of 1536 and 1543, the impact of successive religious changes, the agrarian and industrial revolutions, and the severe interwar depression of the twentieth century.

This new edition concludes with a discussion of the far-reaching political, social and economic changes covering the momentous period from the close of the twentieth century to the present day.

The author John Graham Jones was until recently Head of the Welsh Political Archive at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, and has published widely on the political history of modern Wales.


The History of Wales by John Graham Jones (University of Wales Press, November 2014)
£9.99 • PB • 9781783161683 • 198x129 mm • 210pp
13 black and white images


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