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Posted on 7 October 2021
representing the male

This month from University of Wales Press saw the launch of Representing the Male: Masculinity, Genre and Social Context in Six South Wales Novels by John Perrott Jenkins. This book argues that industrial patriarchy in South Wales established an exclusive though damaging form of structural masculine conformity expressed through a limited –and limiting – set of gendered practices.

Visit our website to purchase a copy: https://www.uwp.co.uk/book/representing-the-male/

Also this month, The History of Wales in Twelve Poems by M. Wynn Thomas has been named Book of the Month by the Books Council of Wales. It offers a new way of viewing the Welsh past, showing how some aspects of it are best accessed through the words of its renowned poets.

 Visit our website to purchase a copy: https://www.uwp.co.uk/book/the-history-of-wales-in-twelve-poems/




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