Technical requirements

What are the technical requirements for the Online Library? 

Click on the tabs below for more information about the technical requirements necessary to view the Online Library subscription resources.

port 2048 must be enabled 

For licensing reasons, the Online Library subscription resources are restricted to registered users and you must be authenticated on our system.

We use the authentication system EZProxy rather then Athens.

Please note that Athens only refers to the authentication system, not the resources that you have access to.

You only need to log in with your University of Wales username and password once per session to view all the Online Library resources.       

Accessing from your institution

For EZProxy to work, TCP port 2048 needs to be enabled in both directions.

Sometimes this port is blocked by the system administrator for security reasons.

If you are using your institution’s internet connection, you will need to ask the IT Department to make sure that port 2048 is enabled in both directions.

Make sure that this is done for the computers on campus and for the wireless network if your institution provides one. This should not affect you if you are using an internet connection at home.

Accessing from home

A firewall can sometimes block EZProxy and prevent you from accessing the Online Library resources.

If you have security software such as Norton or McAfee installed on your computer, you may need to turn this off when using the Online Library.

Internet filtering software may also interfere with EZProxy and should be turned off.