Supervision of Master's Dissertations

The University expects all parties involved in the supervision of taught master's dissertations to be aware of their respective responsibilities, which are outlined below.

Collaborative Centre


i) Dissertation proposals to be feasible in terms of the timescale and resources available and to be allocated to supervisors with suitable expertise.

ii)   Supervisors to be allowed sufficient time to discharge their duties, particularly where the cohort is large.

iii)    Research Council guidance to be followed, when appropriate, in respect of facilities to be made available (study space, library, appropriate research environment, etc).

iv)     Written guidelines to be issued with regard to attendance, frameworks for meetings and general expectations.

v) The implementation of all such guidelines to be monitored on a regular basis.

vi)     Where candidates require additional help with language skills, this advice to be provided as a service separate from the duties of the supervisor.

vii)   A mechanism to be in place whereby a student is able to request a change of supervisor, and whereby an alternative member of staff is made available should any supervisor be absent for a prolonged period of time.

(viii)The number of students allocated to a supervisor to be such that he/she will have the capacity to fulfil the responsibilities noted below.