Supervision of Master's Dissertations

The University expects all parties involved in the supervision of taught master's dissertations to be aware of their respective responsibilities, which are outlined below.



i)     Advice and guidance to be provided to the student with the aim of facilitating the production of a dissertation of the requisite standard for a Taught Master’s degree.

 ii)   The dissertation proposal to be within the supervisor’s field of expertise, the selected topic to be defined in consultation with the student.

 (iii)The dissertation proposal to be suitable for completion within the allotted timespan.

 (v)A timetable to be agreed for the submission of work and the scheduling of regular meetings.

 (vi)A careful record to be kept, agreed between supervisor and student, of all such formal meetings, including dates, action agreed and deadlines set.

 (iv)Work to be returned according to specified deadlines and accompanied by constructive comment.