Assessment Approval

All proposed assessments which contribute to the final award of a programme must be submitted to the University for approval.  This includes examinations, assignments, coursework, in-class tests, and project work. 

It is not necessary to submit level 4 papers for initial degrees, unless any work at this level should contribute to the final award of the programme.

Draft assessments should be submitted to the University 16 weeks prior to the assessment is due to be taken. Marking criteria and/or model answers should be submitted alongside all draft assessments and it is recommended that centres submit the re-sit assessments at the same time as the main assessment.

Please remember that if the programme is assessed in a language other than English, draft assessments should be submitted in both the language of delivery and in English.

Collaborative centres will receive comments/approval from the external examiners on the draft assessments via the Academic Unit. Please note that assessments must not be distributed before final approval has been received

Please see the University’s Assessment Approval Procedure and the Assessment Handbook for full details.