Student Matriculation

Candidates seeking entry to a University of Wales postgraduate scheme of study are required to meet the University's matriculation requirements, usually on the basis of holding a recognised initial degree or its equivalent.


The University of Wales refers to the following resources in determining which is a 'recognised' initial degree: 

  • UK NARIC - a national agency responsible for providing information, advice and expert opinion on vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from over 180 countries worldwide
  • University of Wales Academic Protocol 4 - a list of approved Institutions, although this should read in conjunction with advice from NARIC
  • The US Department of Education's database of accredited post secondary institutions and programs

Note that for matriculation applications on the basis of qualification, the University will accept photocopies of degree certificates only if the original degree certificate has been seen, and certified, by a member of staff at the Collaborative Centre. Where students’ certificates are in a language other than English, a signed and stamped version must be provided by a translator.

Collaborative Centres should send completed matriculation application forms to their designated Support Officer prior to the start of the course. Letters will be provided to Collaborative Centres for students who successfully matriculate. Matriculation does not mean that the student is registered with the University. A separate Registration Transfer must be submitted to the University in order to register a cohort of students. See the Student Registration page for instructions on how to register students.